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Mar 21, 2012



Hi Guys, I've had lots of emails recently with people who been through grief. For some its been because they have lost someone, for others its holding onto someone who is no longer in their life like an ex boyfriend/girlfriend/partner or that they have to much of a strong attachment to an old business - so I thought i'm taking it as a sign to re-publish my free Grief Hypnosis process. The feedback from it has been immense as to its power. (The audio for the FREE grief process is below Tom's Story) 

Also on a side note, yesterday my relative Tom (my Grandmothers boyfriend) passed away last night. I mention him on my trainings and seminars because of the following:

  • He once was diagnosed with an aneurism. 
  • He was refused surgery even by a top specialist in the UK because he would only have a 10% survival rate due to having had a triple bypass some years earlier and being an elderly man. 
  • He was given 6-18months as life expectancy. 
  • He became a shadow of himself overnight due to the news.

I asked him to be open minded and that I believed I could help using my processes.  He agreed that if there a was chance, he would seize it. He told the doctor of this new possibility of hope and the doctor denied its chance of success, in my view the doctor was a silly man indeed (this is no reflection on all Doctors, I've met many opened mind Doctors, even trained many on my courses teaching them my processes and I've even been hired by a few)

In my view the closed mindedness of the doctor was a godsend...why? well it annoyed Tom, it angered him as to why he would dismiss a chance of hope. We utilised it.

In the next 4-6 weeks, we worked at least once or twice a week, got him listening to my work and also got him on a healthy diet and back to being passionate about life.

I felt good, so did he, he looked good and healthy - we sent him for another test by the doctor. I didn't show it around him but I was very nervous as to what results might come back.

The results:

  • On the one dimension - nothing had changed when it came to the size of the aneurism (thats not so bad - technically it should of grown a little)
  • On the other dimension it had actually decreased (that was awesome news as once again - technically it should in increased)
  • His heart, his body, his mind was in tip top shape - he was a healthy elderly man

What did that mean in the Doctors eyes?

Hopefully it would of opened his mind as to alternative therapies, but the main this was this:

The Final Result:

  • Tom had a 90% success rate in our local Cambridge hospital! He and I were elated and ecstatic as were our family.
  • He went through the operation within two to three weeks and survived and even healed quicker than expected (I was hypnotizing him everyday at the hospital...I loved the looks I got when I was say "Relaaaaxxxx, sleeep in will heal quicker than ever...)

Tom survived his operation from a diagnosis of surgery refusal and life expectancy of  6-18 months to live. He died last night of simple old age, I believe it was his time in many ways, but he lived an extra 7 years due to his commitment to live and get through this. An important lesson to us all. No matter what odds we get, there is always a chance, always a way of beating them and becoming better from it.

Live life purposefully and joyfully guys - embrace it and evolve with it, its all within you.

With love,