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Jan 16, 2012



Thats right in this blog I have recorded a Happiness Free Coaching and also Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis Session MP3. It covers my last blog on Happiness where I go into that Happiness is not something we need to acquire but instead its something we become. That its always there within you. 

In this podcast which...

Jan 13, 2012

Love, Live, Transform - Joseph Clough

Love, Live, Transform - Joseph Clough

I want to be honest with you. I wanted to take a moment out to give you a little bit of insight of a thought/feelings I have had over the last few years. Its something I have not told anyone, but I think its an important point to share. In fact for the first time ever I asked a...

Jan 11, 2012



  Hi Guys, Just recorded a MP3 for you covering quite a few things to kick of 2012 with a bang!

I speak about the following:

* An exciting announcement

* How to free yourself from feeling down or depressed

* We are only kept in cages we cannot see

* The Art Of Kindness

* Living a meaningful life, a change of...