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Oct 30, 2023

In this episode, I will take you through the 5 steps to self-coach your way out of being a slave to your inner critic. That way you can break free of all imposter syndrome, fear, worry and self doubt and become unstoppably self confident and self assured.

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Oct 27, 2023

Today we dive into the Imposter Syndrome in 3 main ways. 

1) Beginning of imposter syndrome (where we do not have the success we want)
2) Success that creates imposter syndrome (when we have success we wanted)
3) People who you personally know (Tom Hanks, Lady Gaga and more) who expierence imposter syndrome.


Oct 25, 2023

Raise your gratitude and thankfulness with this beautiful Gratitude Hypnosis Meditation - a powerful series of gratitude affirmations carefully-crafted to help you to manifest the life of your dreams. Feel very relaxed but conscious and open to intuitive learning - perfect for reprogramming your mind to think...

Oct 23, 2023

Treat this episode as a re-igniter, a re-focus and realignment to do what has to be done.. We go into different mindsets you need to have to break free from sedation and our past, and to do what has to be done and WHAT will happen when you do... you may be surprised, just like was!

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Oct 20, 2023

Listen to this powerful guided meditation for going into a spiritual journey into the light to find the knowledge, learnings, beliefs, feelings and behaviors you desire..

This guided healing meditation has been crafted so you can use a mind-body practice to achieve better mind and body health. 

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