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Jul 29, 2022

Learn this transformation self-hypnosis technique that will allow your subconscious and unconscious mind to quickly and effortlessly transform previous associations of failure, imposter syndrome, anxieties and doubts into powerful, positive self-belief and confidence.

When you practice this hypnosis session it will case...

Jul 25, 2022

If your own brain or mind created a problem, your own brain or mind can find a solution. Anxieties and fears are learned strategies at conscious and unconscious/subconscious level.

Usually due to past events that developed unwanted associations, triggers and reactions.

BUT you can change your brain. You are ultimately...

Jul 22, 2022

In this video you will discover some mental health principles, or self care tips that help me take charge of my brain. These tips can be helpful to you to start making immediate changes in your life. To let go of worries, anxiety and fears, even the imposter syndrome and especially we do not feel good enough or worthy...

Jul 18, 2022

Is our mind simply a mirror? Do we co-create our own reality by the beliefs we hold about ourself, by the experiences we have lived through.

Almost as if our perception becomes our projection of our reality.

Discover how our brain deciphers and interprets reality and how our limiting beliefs of not being good enough,...

Jul 14, 2022

Discover why obsession beats talent, and what you have to have as mental breakthrough to achieve your goals and dreams.

You have exactly what it takes to win every time when you tap into the power of the unconscious mind to release the inner blocks and to develop the psychology of the success and achievement in all the...