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May 27, 2010

This has been by far the most meaningful, honest thoughts and feelings I have ever put down to paper, I showed a friend and they said I must put it out there, so I did, but me being me I went to town on it :P.

I bought lots of music, videos and pictures to try and explain my thoughts in a movie.

'Like' and pass it on...

May 21, 2010

Here is a free Hypnosis Hypnotherapy MP3 Download on Confidence. Get ready to feel pumped, strong and confident. It will give you the self belief to achieve what you desire whilst giving you the internal resources to fuel the emotional feelings of confidence. Go ahead, download it, share it and pass this page on, its...

May 16, 2010

Breaking Down Limiting Beliefs FREE mp3 download


Hi, so I was thinking what is the one thing that stops us being our potential and living a life of our dreams? Well I couldnt think of one thing :P but I did get two things.

1) A Limiting Belief 2) Fear

As you listen to this, you will notice if you do away with one, so...

May 6, 2010

So I was thinking today that I want to give you a free gift, and because I am recording some free self help videos for you, I thought why not give you a 10 minutes Total Relaxation Hypnosis MP3 download. It will give you that instant comfort at the end of a stressful day and re-align you with feel whole again. Once...