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cecilia van heerden
over eight years ago

i am Cecilia, live in Capetown, south africa. i downloaded your free hypnosis from my playstore and bought some of the sessions. it really helps me to relax. i can not thank you enough our family is going through a tough time not seeing our daughter and grandchildren, so delt with the loss sesstion helped me so much as well.

i have sjogrens syndrome and a bit of bad athrites i do want a session to help me with that and my sweet tooth doesn't make it easier. i struckle to realy eat and yet i am overweight. the other thing is, i would like to know if there is sessions for asthma and bad heighfever for my hubby.

thanx for what you did and today's video was so good to listern to on facebook because i was so upset when my best friend sinse 1980 sent such a bad whatsapp to me, she said terrable things because i didn't go with her to the argust cycling like all the other years, i am really full of pain and she thinks i just didn't want to go. i ignored her because i know that is what she does with her kids that is now out of the house but still if they don't do what she wants she cut off her money. yougave me such insite, that i can see she wants to be in controle, it is not me, thank you joseph. i will continue to listern every night, it calms me and i sleep through sins i am listerning to you. many thanx

cecilia van heerden