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Jan 15, 2013

Hey you wonderful people! I’m back from a refreshing weeks holiday. I decided to take my wonderful mum on holiday and we had an awesome time. Its was great spending quality time with my mum on a one to one level. It was also great just either reading, thinking, brainstorming or sleeping on a sun bed on the beach with a beer!!

ANYWAY enough about me, let’s talk about you and my gift. I decided to do a unique free hypnosis hypnotherapy mp3 track for you as a pre-reaching one thousand ‘likes’ on my facebook fanpage. Why a pre one thousand gift you may be thinking? Simply why not :)

In this free hypnosis track you will be guided my me, but twice, two voices....urrrr.....sounds strange right?! You will be hearing two of my voices and at at times at the same time (which in the hypnosis world we call a double induction).

The hypnosis track will also be based relaxation, de-stress, letting go of anxiety, worry and any troubles from here we take a voyage into calmness, wholeness and completeness then strolling onto acquiring resources and new ways to help you on a day to day basis.

It’s a gift from me to you. But the best way to receive this gift is  to share it with friends, family and contacts by pressing ‘like’ below. Or you can invite people by going to my facebook page and underneath my profile picture it says suggest page. That means you share the comfort, the order, the ease with others which can be the greatest gift that could help someone who really needs it.

Let me know what you think!

Your friend


Hypnosis Hypnotherapy CDs and MP3s by Joseph Clough for most issues such as anxiety, depression, weiught loss, fears and phobas and also developing confidence, relaxation and freedom to a varity of issues people may experience.