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Jan 13, 2012

Love, Live, Transform - Joseph Clough

Love, Live, Transform - Joseph Clough

I want to be honest with you. I wanted to take a moment out to give you a little bit of insight of a thought/feelings I have had over the last few years. Its something I have not told anyone, but I think its an important point to share. In fact for the first time ever I asked a friend to look over it to make sure it would be of value to you.

I am human, and like all of you I have moments where things hit me out of the blue.

Over the last few years I have had certain thoughts, some might say 'dark' or 'depressed' thoughts, although I see it differently, I see them as a process of awakening. Sometimes when I look out into the world or consider the magnitude of suffering thats going on from people who are close to the edge who feel alone and given up on, those who are being abused, children starving through famine, to worn torn places where people see horrendous sights. From the abuse and neglect of animals and from animals being hunted and killed for our cosmetic needs or worse. To the earth being abused by taking its oil to cutting down forests including destroying the animals natural habitat.

When I see footage about all of this, or hear stories of this suffering I feel that pain and suffering within me and it feels me with a dread of hopelessness. When this happens I really feel what they feel or I just can easily hallucinate their suffering.

I have sometimes thoughts of:

'What can I really do?'

'What is the point of being here in this world?'

Personally I know I will be here for as long as my health allows me to, so no worry there! But I still have had those thoughts, you may too having seen suffering in the world. Or you may not be the witnesser but instead the experiencer of trauma, where you feel lost, alone and unhelpable.

When I have had those thoughts, I do not dwell on them but instead very quickly it causes me to wake up.

'What can I really do?'

I can share my help with as many people as possible, that I should work harder and be the change I want to see in myself and the world, to give unconditional love to those who need it, challenge others to see a new way of living, to enlighten them on how beautiful and special I think they are.

And if you are going through pain and suffering do the same:

To seek help from as many people as possible, that you should work harder and be the change you want to see in yourself and the world, give love unconditionally, love yourself  unconditionally because you need it and you are worthy of it, to challenge yourself to see a new way of living and to enlighten yourself how beautiful and special you are.

'What is the point of being here in this world?'

That I am the point and you are the point, that together we can make changes, we can overcome and help others to do the same. I do believe we are here for a reason. If I were not here, that trauma would still be going on, so while I am here I am going to leave my imprint on the earth and show as many people as I can that there is a way you can live, love and transform ourselves, others and even the world.

To drift our attention to those who have made wonderful changes in the world, people who stood up to fear no matter what may happen to them because it was right too, to the people who are prepared to battle cancer head on, those who are willing to support their children no matter what, to those who help those who are less fortunate, to those who stand up to abuse in humans, animals and the world, those who send a clear message that there is another way to live, be happy and be free.

Those are people we can learn from, because they are no different from you and I, they just chose to make a difference in themselves and therefore others, you don't have to have a 'save the world attitude' to make changes, you can do small things, give love to yourself, give love to others, to share you happiness and enlighten the illusionary darkness. When you do that for others, you do give others permission to do the same.

I believe that is why we are here, that is what we can do, and that is the point, I use what I see in the world to motivate me to be the best man I can be and I just know that is the same for you and I know that you deserve all the credit, the thanks and love and we should send that out to others too.

Instigate your own awakening, stand up, be strong and follow what is right, and allow others to awaken to do the same, to live, love and transform. 

What do you think? Let me know by commenting and 'liking'.

With love


Here is a audio recording of it too: