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Dec 12, 2012

Hey Guys, I have a really interesting free mp3 download from you, but PLEASE read this page beforehand.

On Facebook and Twitter I asked the question:

What would you do if money was no object? Really think about that for a moment and comment with your answer?

I got over many replies and 90% of them were around the following:

'I would pay of my debt'

'Help my friends and family money wise'

'Invest in Charities'

I loved the answers, but it wasn't the answers I was looking for, so maybe I asked it in the wrong way, so I went back to facebook and twitter an hour later and asked this:

I'll rephrase my question re Money - if money was no issue, all your outgoings and bills were covered, with that freedom - what would you do in life?

I thought to myself, this will get a different range of answers, but nope, the same answers came in. This is not the fault of people who replied, but more the general mindset we can get taught to buy into and it becomes our expectation.

So I decided to record this audio to really make things clear and to think out side of the norm, out the box and to get you where you need to be.

I'll also note that within the answers I had, many came up with the above examples of 'fund charity, pay for children's tuition, go on holidays, help family with money, pay off debt' many followed it with 'but I can't because of 'x' or 'y'.

Now, once you have listened to this podcast, the following might become clearer, and also know, I am a kind and empathetic guy and do not know everything about everyone's situation, so I'm not saying overnight results will happen (life's a journey, I know mine has been) and on the same note I will not buy into people's stories, reasons and even excuses as to why they cannot go for their goal and make it a reality.

One example, and this just a great example and I want to reach out to them should they read this. They said this:

'I would first got to Japan and try to find me a wife. And then I would start a family. But being an Unemployed, Disabled Veteran who can work because of my service connected disability. It doesn't seem like that's going to happen. between pain, no money to travel or do much of anything else and being shy when it come to meeting women to date or marry. It really doesn't look good for this happening for me...'

Now I can completely understand this situation have worked with many people in similar situations over the years, so I get them. But on the same note, I want to share my thoughts to move from the 'doesnt look good for this happening' into 'how can I make this happen?' mindset.

Being unemployable- I think there is always something someone can do, even for the most disabled people, even if it was true, it can also so be a superb opportunities to do something by yourself, start-up a business, even an online one that gives you passion, ask for help from those around you if you need help, read, research, go online and immerse yourself with information. Back in the day, having had no money to pay people I had to learn HTML coding from scratch, it was hard, took time, but it was worth it as it allowed me to get my message out with only expense being my time, and if you are unemployable, all you have is time.

Imagine too, say it was an online business about a hobbies you love, giving advice and support out, you will do it out of love because its fun, and an online business could get this man to Japan in a few months to a few years and work remotely out there online. As for the shyness, doing the above will build strength in character and also listen to my free 11 Confidence Course, its free and the only cost is time to really apply it.

You can free access to it on my iTunes podcast and also on my iPhone and Android App.

You can get the Android App here

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So I brought this example up, as it such a common one that many people face and we can become enslaved by our situations as to why we are stuck, but over the years, I have worked hard to learn that when people share me their

no way out

problems, I see  people who can thrive and become the solution.

So with that, enjoy the audio. And remember all I say and write is with the intention of love and how I know you have it all within you, lets grow together.

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The picture below (thank you to Daniel my bro for showing me this) sums it up more than I can say, although I do add practical advice and help within the audio ;)



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With love,