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Dec 15, 2015

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It is what I call assumption.

I am NOT taking about the old adage, “Assumption makes an ass of you and me.” :-)

So what do I mean?

Well, we are wired to survive worse case scenarios: our primal instinct keeps us safe and alive. In the past, our ancestors had to be prepared for many dangerous situations, such as considering many ways in which to protect themselves from being attacked by lions, other tribes, etc. So our brains have been wired to prepare for worse case scenarios.

In modern day times, however, we fortunately do not need to use our primal “survival” instincts on the same level we needed them thousands of years ago. Yet we still can be overly worried about other fears, such as, “What might happen if I fail, succeed, or don’t achieve my desires in my life?”

So I propose a radically different approach that tunes you in to your desires, like dialing your radio to the music station you want.

I will explain how this mindset will get you in total alignment with your goals and outcomes and put you in a positive mindset each step of the way, rather living in scarcity, fear and doubt.

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