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Aug 16, 2011

For every reason or excuse to not go for your dreams there is one simple reason as to why you should go for them. We all have dreams, goals and desires in life. For some it’s to be rich, to be loved, to be famous, to run their own business or retire at 30 years old. Whatever the dream is we all have one.

Many people have these thoughts when thinking about their dreams.

“I’m not capable of achieving the dream”

“It will be too hard”

“What if I fail?”

“What if I get it...then what”?

“I’ve tried before, and I don’t want to go through that”

And quite frankly there’s many more. It can be that our partner, family and friends think we are crazy to go for the big dream.

And sometimes it’s because we feel indebted or committed to someone else that we daren’t go for the dream.

These are my thoughts though.

The doubts and thoughts are something we need to be conscious of.

Thought “I’m not capable of achieving the dream” Truth: Yes you are, you have survived up to know, you are intelligent and capable. Do not buy into your own illusionary thoughts, as it is simply an illusion.

Thought “it will be too hard?” Truth: Yes most probably, why is that a problem? Most children today want to be a reality star without the hard work. The most successful people have failed more than once and they decided not to see it as a failure just a learning. If it was easy to be honest you would not probably go for the dream. No one likes it to be easy, we like challenges. So yes it could be hard, but it’s a challenge were you reap the biggest rewards of your life.

Thought “What if I fail?” Truth: This thought on failure is simply a protection mechanism to keep you from getting hurt. But these thoughts keep us in the comfort zone and you know what? The comfort zone is the most static, unhealthy and lost place you can be. Acknowledge the thought and then ask the question. What would happen if I succeeded? And then focus on that. There is no failure just feedback to evolve and grow to be the real you

Thought “What if I get it...then what?” Truth: Sometimes we like the idea of the unattainable dream, the struggle, the excuse or ‘poor me’ attitude. But playing small does not serve you or anyone else. The truth is there always more to learn, to experience and gain. When one dream is completed another one is created all geared up to being the best you can be. Also remember that everything we achieve comes with some potential negatives. The fame hungry people get little or no privacy. The millionaire acquires a hundred new ‘friends’ wanting a piece of him or her.   Be aware of these potentials, acknowledge them and then embrace them.

Thought “I’ve tried before, and I don’t want to go through that” Truth. Once again a safety mechnicsm to help you from feeling failure. But the real question is, wouldn’t it be more of a failure giving up on you and your dream and never trying?

And when it comes down to what our partner, family and friends think should not concern you. Sounds strange but read on. They are simply coming from their own model of the world which has been formed from what they have been taught to believe in through people and experience. They are making clouded judgements through their own limiting thoughts. Appreciate their good intentions and allow your inner voice to be far louder than the external world’s voice. Show them who you are. When you become the real you and you strive you give them permission to do the same and you actually help them in getting clarity on what is possible which is anything is possible.

For every reason or excuse to not go for your dreams there is one simple reason as to why you should go for them.

You are worth it.

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With Love,

Joseph Clough