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May 24, 2014

Today is my Birthday, I have been doing what I do for over 12 years and being 31 today, it makes me wonder how other peoples opinions of us, can of course dictate our future. 


Like everyone, I have fallen into the trap, I still catch myself going there. But despite what the world throws at us, no matter what people say when it comes our desires and dreams, I believe we must remember this: 


'Other peoples views and opinions of you and what you should do or be, do not have to people a reality' 


In fact, I heard just the other day that it is like a Turtle telling a Giraffe how it should live its life. The turtle maybe well intentioned, but it can only give its opinion based on its very own turtles view point, which is quite different from the Giraffes view point. 


Every ones perceptions and view points of the world around them are different. We have all gone through different experiences, different cultures, environments and for some religions. We have made various decisions in stressful and difficult times. We have different values and beliefs about the world around us.  Depending on all this factors and more, this will create within us, what we think is true and what other people think is true. 


In my personal opinion, when someone has an opinion of me, a limitation on what they think I can do or should do in this world, I look for their intention behind what they say.

For example; I have created over 100 hrs of free material and invest thousands year to keep it free and accessible in apps over 250,000 people every single month, BUT I still get messages, comments and emails from people saying ‘Joseph, why do you not give all your paid products for free? I need them and it is mean that you do not’, 


Whilst on the other hand, my family and friends thought I was crazy for giving what I give for free with comments such as ‘how could I possible survive in the world’.  Another time my teacher told me at school at 11 years old, in front of all my peers that I would never never succeed. I too even bought into the belief I was not worthy or good enough. 


So what is my point? 


Well… 'Other peoples views and opinions of you and what you should do or be, do not have to people a reality' 


And how do I stop that becoming a reality?

Firstly I consider how that person may have come to that conclusion of 'me' and what I can do. This way we do not only have to abide or accept their opinion as reality, but what we can also know their opinion can just be their own limitation, their own 'stuff'. In fact they may have been once told they   do something, so they repeat their engrained people to others. \\


Secondly, we must check on what our heart and head says; is there a flow or resistance on what we want to be, do or have?  So lets appreciate the intent, but more importantly lets really go by what our heart says what we can do. 


Oh, anything thing I do is this: 


I ask myself 'what is the limiting belief I have within, that once learnt from and released, will cause me to be, do and have what I desire?' 


This way I can be clear if there is any limiting perceptions within me that I can clear out.



At the end of the day, we are human, we all have our own thoughts and ideas, but please listen to what your heart says, and as I once wrote ‘Rather be a product of life, allow life to be a product of what you choose to create’.

I want you to shine, with love.