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Sep 4, 2012

Manifest Your Relationship Part 1 FREE MP3 download It’s time to understand why we attract certain people in our live (even the ones we would never consciously choose) and learn how we can direct our conscious mind and unconscious mind to align ourselves with a partner.

When we undo past decisions, programmed attraction mechanisms and then relearn and retrain our mind we can direct it to new possibilities. It’s time to consciously decide and set the criteria for a partner and then install them at an unconscious level.

This will be in two parts.

Part 1) (this MP3/podcast) is the conscious work, it’s a lot of fun doing this so take the time out to really get creative and aligned with who you will attract.

Part 2) (coming soon..!) will be the hypnosis process to take what you have done in part one and then allow it to sink deeply at an unconscious level.

Are you ready to take things forward, release the past and attract your soul mate and ideal partner in crime?

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