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Jun 7, 2015

A common question I get asked is:
"Joseph, how can I react to criticism in a positive way?"
I completely resonate with this question, as every now and then people write not-so-pleasant things about me. 
But if I were to absorb them in a negative way, I would have stopped recording years ago. So I learned a way to deal with any form of criticism in a positive way, that allows me to be authentic and continue doing what I do! 
So today, I am giving you a bulletproof process to not only deal with negative criticism, but to be a superstar at it! 
In this video, I will give you:
  • How to deal with the negative people who are purposely trying to bring you down AND how to respond positively to constructive criticism. 

  • A process you can instantly do to be resourceful, clear, and empowered, whenever criticism comes your way.