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Jan 4, 2015

Happy New Year! 


Are you ready to start it off right? If you are, allow me to break down some rreally iimportant insights and ideas that you can apply into your life. 

I'll explain, how to get clear, take action and learn to get your goals for 2015, whether it is letting go of an issue or achieving your goals. 

Remember it is all within you, I believe in you, so lets start 2015 off right! 

With love, 


almost seven years ago

Thank you so much. I posted a comment and you got right back with me after my Dad died. I was try to accomplish things in my life and you told me about your grief hypnosis and it helped. Now my dog has liver failure I wanted to ask the vet next visit but I decided to give a healing hypnosis a try. Mocka my dog was not doing well again. She is not just a dog, she is my world,she's handicapped certified. And just like when I tryed your hypnosis it worked. I know she is sick but I will try anything to heal her. You are a God sent. Thank you for caring and sharing with people. You help give me a better life with all you do. I never knew about your Web site i hear you say going to check it out now. You are on my twitter and fb. Sincerely Becky & Mocka ♡ God Bless You Joseph

Tina Whiteley
almost seven years ago

Why do i sabotage everything from loosing weight to good things