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Sep 15, 2011

I have a really wonderful free hypnosis coaching gift to share with you. I asked the other day if you would like a Hypnosis and Coaching gift on resolving grief. The response I have had from my Facebook page was immense, so it had to be created and given away to you for free.

Before you listen, lets talk about this first. On the free download I go into why we experience grief and why we keep hold of it when we are consciously ready to move on.

This process is great for anyone who has:

  • Lost someone and want to develop a better relationship/connection
  • Anyone has experiences a sense of loss, grief, heaviness, sadness, lost and in general to much negative thoughts or feelings
  • Also it doesn't have to be about a person, it can be if you have lost a job, a business, a pet, a material thing.
  • You will develop new beliefs, resources, behaviours and really connect with the real you, the powerful resourceful you.
  • You will preserve enlightening unconscious, even conscious learning's to help you now and in the future.
  • All of this means that you will not feel that loss as you will be fulfilled with the true resourcefulness of the wonderful you.

Click here to download it from iTunes

Please ‘Like’ below with a comment, absolutely share this with everyone you know, so you can help people enrich their life and reaching and being the true happiness and peace we deserve. With love, as always,