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Feb 5, 2011

This is a super quick 12 minute listen to break free of a very important issue that many buy into or fall into the trap of repression. The EGO!

Ahhhhhhhhh that dirty horrible word? quite, I’m not here to say if it’s bad or not, instead I give you a different solution and lift the illusionary veil of how many try to repress your personal power by throwing around the word Ego.

Let me speak my truth and see how you feel about it. Feel free to comment, ‘like’ pass on to your friends and visit my facebook page

Oh I want to give a shout out to all who commenting on my facebook page and the wonderful advice you gave me on geting rid of the dreaded flu! It means a lot to me, as you may tell with my voice on this iTunes podcast I’m still under the weather, but getting on top of the weather with each day ;)

Oh Oh you can listen to this on iTunes here too :)

Speak soon,

Your friend

Joseph Clough

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