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Sep 6, 2015

Are You Centimeters Away From Success? 

You might just be centimeters from success and not realize it. 

I know on the surface it might not feel like that. You might be going through one of the biggest challenges in your life, or feeling as if you might just give up on your dream. Even with inspired action, the results might not seem to be coming your way. 

The chances are, despite going through those challenges and struggles, or feeling as if it’s a million miles away, but in reality, you may just be centimeters away from your goal. 

Consider this: if you are playing golf, and you hit the ball just a millimeter off, it might go very far from the target. However, if you find the sweet spot, you are right on target. 

This can also be true in life around our goals, but how can we keep pushing forward and actually succeed? 

Well in today’s video, I explain just that!