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Aug 18, 2012



4 minutes read or a 10 minute listen. Hey Guys,

I’m been thinking about my life a lot recently and how I/we can build cages in our mind.

Cages in our mind?

By this I mean how we can create our own limitations/restrictions. For example, we have the ‘I need to do _______’, ‘I have to carry out _____’ thoughts.

Do we really though?

Lets take my own life, I have to do certain things, I have to make sure I record this new project of mine (around hours 20 plus in the next few weeks), let alone my seminars and trainings coming up for the next 3 months. Plus my usually daily work (replying to all the emails, creating free video and audio for you all), then have some JC time.

I have felt overwhelmed and to be honest completely fatigued in mind and body for the last week or two.

But I’m not alone, I am sure you have certain things you ‘have' or ‘need’ to do. Life happens right? We can feel like a slave to do certain things or be a certain person that can create feelings of inconvenience, or friction, or we can feel they control us. They can limit our own ideals for what we desire in life.

Lets get back the ‘building cages in our minds’. There maybe things you ‘have’ to do. Not paying the credit card bill can create big repercussions. But my point is to be conscious of this and also know that there is a lot of things you do not have to do, but we create those cages of ‘need’. Notice them, filter them into ‘do I need to do _____ or am I just creating that perception of need?’

I do not have to record this new project so intensely and timely, I don’t have to create content so religiously. But I do have to be there on my seminar, people have paid money, me not showing up would not be cool right?

By me and you being conscious of the differences between the absolute ‘Have to’ and the ones we ‘choose’ do is really important. The majority of life will fall into the latter choice, but we can build them into the ‘have to’ and feel caged by them.

I want you to know that you do not have to, you can choose to cut certain things or self imposed obligations out. It is a choice, and the more you are conscious of this the more free and liberated you will be.

If you want to still do those things, that’s fine, the key is to know the choice behind the commitment you make which gives you the freedom of ‘Oh I have to’ to ‘Okay I don’t have to, but I want to do this, it is a choice I am making’.

Life is a choice, its full of them. The more we know this the more power we gain into living a life of meaning rather living a life of obligation.

In the next few months I am making some big brave decisions as to my quality of life, my desires, but it’s a choice I have, its all choice.

With love,


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