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Sep 1, 2013

 In this audio only available to this list, I talk to you about how I used to live. It wasn't pretty and it held me back for quite a while. To be honest with you I think many people 'can' fall into the trap of becoming addicted to their story or struggle when it comes to letting go of an issue or in achieving a goal.

And I would never say that you consciously do it on purpose (although it can still be a conscious process), because 9 times out of 10 it's usually happening beneath the surface in unconscious mind.

But fear not! Once you watch this audio, I will show you how you can be free of it, so you are 100% aligned in letting go of an issue or achieving that dream. 

BUT there is one very important aspect to this if its going to be successful...and thats honestly. Not with me, but with yourself. So the video 'could' push some buttons (you've been warned), but here is the thing, when you are open to change, and honest to yourself and see if this is what you 'may' be doing, you will be sending such a clear strong signal to your uncosncious mind that it will take a stand with you and make that changes far quicker than ever.

I also give you an example of how I used to be addicted to my struggle...which oddely enough contains some boxes, and an old door with my past struggle.

Here it is: