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Jan 17, 2017

You Will NEVER Change...
"You will never let go of this issue..
You are going to be like this forever, so accept it...
You will never change.."
That was the last straw for me.
The final self-defeating, give up and resign to a life of fear, worry and doubt will never be said to myself again. 

Every day I heard this internal voice of mine and I had enough. 
I was done.
I was done with the belittling self-talk...
I was done with the fear and self doubt... 
I was done with the battle...
I was DONE with the it all...
I had WAY too many people telling me throughout school that I was never going to make it, without having my own self-talk to beat me down too. 
I made a decision that would change my path. 
A commitment and a pact to myself that I was going to be a warrior and achieve EVERYTHING I wanted. 
I decided 3 things:
1) I was done with the lies I was telling myself.
2) I would go on a mission to find the solutions, I would save, invest and commit like any successful person and do whatever it takes. 
3) I would get coached and surround myself with people who know the answers I needed (and ideally the step-by-step method).
Those three decisions changed my life and not only did I get over my issue, but achieved health, wealth, love and purpose (the hidden gifts you get when you decide).
What are YOU waiting for? 

What are you not deciding, that if you did, would actually make the change your crave? 

There is always the solution, always a step-by-step formula... 
You are ONE decision away from your unlimited potential. 
Maybe before it is too late, you will join our family and have it all too
Your supporter,